Soft Shell Crab Salad

Embark on a culinary journey with our Soft Shell Crab Salad, a harmonious blend of oceanic delight and garden freshness. This dish begins with the finest soft shell crabs, sourced for their delicate texture and sweet flavor, which we meticulously coat and fry until they achieve a crisp, golden perfection. The tender meat within offers a satisfying contrast to the crunch of the exterior, creating a symphony of textures.

Nestled atop a verdant bed of baby cos lettuce, a selection of the crispest, vibrant greens cradles the star ingredient. Each forkful is interspersed with bursts of juicy cherry tomatoes and the slight pop of ebiko—tiny pearls of flavor that echo the seafood theme. Bringing it all together is a drizzle of our homemade sesame dressing, its nutty depth and subtle tang designed to complement and elevate the dish without overwhelming the natural flavors. This salad is more than a meal; it's a showcase of thoughtful balance and fresh, quality ingredients.

Samranraj Cuisine - The Old Town Bangkok

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Elegance and Flavor in Harmony: Samranraj Cuisine – Where Bangkok's Historic Charm Meets Culinary Excellence

Samranraj Cruisine

Set in the heart of historic Bangkok, Samranraj Cuisine offers an upscale dining experience that marries the intricacy of Thai flavors with the grandeur of the city's cultural heritage.

Whether it is for a special occasion or a discerning meal out, Samranraj Cuisine stands as a destination for gourmands seeking the ultimate in traditional Thai hospitality and innovative cuisine.
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543 Mahachai Road, Samranraj Subdistrict, Pranakorn District, Bangkok, 10200
Phone : 66 2221 112