Shrimp Spring Rolls

Transport your palate to the bustling streets of Bangkok with our succulent Shrimp Spring Rolls, a time-honored favorite perfect for embarking on a culinary journey through Thailand. Each roll is a delicate parcel, housing a treasure trove of expertly seasoned ingredients. Fresh, crisp cabbage and vibrant strands of carrot mingle harmoniously, providing a crunchy contrast to the soft, glassy vermicelli noodles. At the heart of this textural ballet lies the star ingredient: plump, juicy shrimp, each a testament to the sea's bounty, cooked just enough to achieve the perfect bite.

To elevate the experience, these handcrafted rolls are accompanied by our special plum sauce, a sweet and tangy nectar that has been artfully balanced to complement the dish. This sauce, with its fruity notes and subtle spice undertones, is the ideal counterpart to the fresh rolls. It not only augments the natural sweetness of the shrimp but also unites the various components with its viscous embrace. A simple dip introduces a burst of flavor that is sure to delight your senses, making each bite a harmonious symphony of taste and texture that is both comforting and exotic.

Samranraj Cuisine - The Old Town Bangkok

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Elegance and Flavor in Harmony: Samranraj Cuisine – Where Bangkok's Historic Charm Meets Culinary Excellence

Samranraj Cruisine

Set in the heart of historic Bangkok, Samranraj Cuisine offers an upscale dining experience that marries the intricacy of Thai flavors with the grandeur of the city's cultural heritage.

Whether it is for a special occasion or a discerning meal out, Samranraj Cuisine stands as a destination for gourmands seeking the ultimate in traditional Thai hospitality and innovative cuisine.
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543 Mahachai Road, Samranraj Subdistrict, Pranakorn District, Bangkok, 10200
Phone : 66 2221 112