Pizza Hawaiian

Indulge in the tropical fusion of East meets West with our Pizza Hawaiian, an exquisitely crafted dish that promises to deliver a burst of savory and sweet sensations with every bite. The base of this culinary delight is a hand-stretched, golden crust, layered with a rich and zesty tomato sauce that serves as the perfect canvas for a generous topping of silky mozzarella cheese. This Italian classic is transformed with a vibrant Thai twist, as the luxurious melt of mozzarella binds together a medley of premium quality meats and the unexpected, yet harmoniously sweet touch of pineapple pieces.

As you navigate through the symphony of flavors, you will encounter the succulent and smoky slices of ham, crispy, caramelized bacon, and savory sausage, each ingredient contributing its unique texture and taste to the overall experience. To elevate this pizza to a realm of unparalleled taste, a drizzle of creamy Thousand Island dressing weaves its way through the toppings, adding a tangy depth that complements the sweetness of the pineapple. The Pizza Hawaiian at our Thai restaurant isn't just a meal; it's a carefully curated adventure for your senses, where traditional Italian fare waltzes with the bold flavors of Thai cuisine.

Samranraj Cuisine - The Old Town Bangkok

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Elegance and Flavor in Harmony: Samranraj Cuisine – Where Bangkok's Historic Charm Meets Culinary Excellence

Samranraj Cruisine

Set in the heart of historic Bangkok, Samranraj Cuisine offers an upscale dining experience that marries the intricacy of Thai flavors with the grandeur of the city's cultural heritage.

Whether it is for a special occasion or a discerning meal out, Samranraj Cuisine stands as a destination for gourmands seeking the ultimate in traditional Thai hospitality and innovative cuisine.
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543 Mahachai Road, Samranraj Subdistrict, Pranakorn District, Bangkok, 10200
Phone : 66 2221 112