Carbonara Spaghetti

Indulge in the quintessential comfort of Italian cuisine with our classic Carbonara pasta, a symphony of rich flavors that harks back to the rustic charm of Rome's trattorias. Each forkful offers a creamy blend of fresh egg yolks and velvety whipping cream, clung to by al dente strands of pasta that serve as the perfect vehicle for the sauce's sumptuous embrace. Our chefs meticulously select the finest bacon, cutting it into generous pieces that are pan-fried to a golden crispness, offering a delightful textural contrast and a savory smokiness that permeates the dish.

Elevating this hearty dish to new heights, a generous dusting of aged Parmesan cheese adds a final flourish, its nutty and salty profile melting through the creamy base to create a mosaic of flavors that is both complex and comforting. Accompanying this Italian classic is a side of our homemade garlic bread, crafted from artisanal loaves that are lightly toasted to achieve a golden crust while preserving a soft, warm center. Each slice is brushed with a harmonious blend of garlic and butter, serving as the perfect accompaniment to the Carbonara's indulgent sauce, ensuring that not a single velvety drop goes uneaten.

Samranraj Cuisine - The Old Town Bangkok

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Elegance and Flavor in Harmony: Samranraj Cuisine – Where Bangkok's Historic Charm Meets Culinary Excellence

Samranraj Cruisine

Set in the heart of historic Bangkok, Samranraj Cuisine offers an upscale dining experience that marries the intricacy of Thai flavors with the grandeur of the city's cultural heritage.

Whether it is for a special occasion or a discerning meal out, Samranraj Cuisine stands as a destination for gourmands seeking the ultimate in traditional Thai hospitality and innovative cuisine.
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543 Mahachai Road, Samranraj Subdistrict, Pranakorn District, Bangkok, 10200
Phone : 66 2221 112